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Portescap's 20DAM-K Linear Actuator Stepper Motor for Bicycle Resistance Trainers

July 23, 2020
Resistance Trainer Cycling

A leading cycling innovator required a linear motion solution for a cycling resistance trainer. The application needed a motor that could provide high linear force to be able to overcome varying degrees of resistance. This particular resistance trainer used an electromechanical solution for resistance control, which provides finer control, since the digital linear actuator can be stepped during the operation of the bicycle.

Portescap was chosen for the project based on its rapid protyping capabilities. The customer was able to test the motor and discovered that Portescap’s product provided more linear force per package size than competitor products. Portescap engineers recommended the 20DAM-K Linear Actuator Stepper Motor.

The implementation of the Portescap motor provided the application with the ability to self-adjust resistance during cycling so that the desired target power setting is maintained. The resulting product provides end users with the most precisely controlled resistance cycle working in its range.

20DAM-K Linear Actuator Stepper Motor
  • High continuous linear force output
  • Digitally controlled - easy to use with a micro processor
  • Cost effective - compact design, lower integration cost
  • Maintenance free - no brushes to replace
  • Unipolar and bipolar winding options
  • Captive and non-captive linear actuator designs
  • Long life - ball bearing design
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