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Portescap 30GT2R82 Brush DC Coreless Motor R32 Gearhead for Electronic Pruning Shears

October 19, 2020
Electronic Pruning Shears

Pruning is the most manual and time-consuming job in the Viticulture and Horticulture industries. Light and powerful motorized pruning shears help reduce fatigue and repetitive motion injuries versus manual pruning tools. Motorized pruning shears are able to increase the speed and cutting force while maintaining an acceptable user hand temperature, allowing the operator to complete a full workday.

A European provider of power hand tools needed a customized motion solution on a seasonal timeline for two battery-operated electronic pruning shear applications. The same motor/gearhead composite were able to be used for both applications. The smaller pruning shears were being designed for use in vineyards and smaller orchards. The larger shears were designed for larger parks and gardens.

Portescap was selected as the motion solutions provider based on its expertise in micro-technology, excellent product price-to-performance ratios, and ease of communication. Portescap engineers recommended the 30GT2R82 brush DC coreless motor with the R32 ball bearing mini motor gearhead. This motion solution is able to provide longer battery life thanks to its highly efficient and robust ironless design. In addition, the gearbox and motor commutation are able to withstand high peak torque. The total compact solution was able to allow for lighter hand tools with a longer product life, while also reducing fatigue for the end user.

Portescap 30GT2R82 Brush DC and R32 Gearhead
  • Graphite/copper commutation
  • High efficiency
  • Ironless construction
  • Neodymium magnet for high performance
  • High power density package
  • Long brush life
  • Compact design
  • Winding possibilities
  • High acceleration
  • Low self-heating
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