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Portescap 26BC 6A BLDC Motor for Medical Vacuum Pump

January 19, 2022 BLDC Motors DC motors Medical
Medical Vacuum Pump

Medical air and vacuum pumps play an essential role in several critical patient care applications and must be reliable and quiet for patient comfort and security. The motors that drive the pumps determine how well the pump performs and how quiet it operates.

A leading supplier of compressed air and gas, vacuum and fluid transfer technologies used in a broad range of medical applications approached Portescap with a challenge. They wanted to solve a significant noise issue related to a medical pump.

Portescap engineers, experienced in the low noise requirements of medical applications, quickly identified that the bearing system of the standard brushless DC motor degraded over time, which increased the noise levels of the compressor pump it controls. Engineers addressed the issue with a design featuring a ball bearing mount that maintained a constant bearing preload throughout the life of the motor. This solution reduces the probability of motor fatigue, vibration noise and subsequent motor failure.

Prior to the Portescap solution, maintenance for noise issues was required in 4% of the installed motors on an annual basis. With the application of the 26BC 6A motor, the maintenance for noise issues was eliminated. The Portescap 26BC brushless DC motor with integrated electronic commutation and speed control provided a quiet and reliable solution that improved patient comfort when hospitalized.


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  • Compact slotless design
  • Low iron losses at high speed
  • Quiet operation
  • Integrated electronics options