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Portescap 20DAM Linear Stepper Motor for Liquid Dispensing Pipette

January 6, 2022 Stepper Motors
Liquid Dispensing Pipette

A leading global manufacturer of precision measurement devices was seeking a motion solution to improve an existing liquid dispensing pipette. This customer required a stronger, lighter solution than they were currently using, but did not want to change the size of the product.

Portescap was selected based on its expertise in microtechnology, ability to customize and excellent engineer-toengineer communication. Portescap engineers recommended a customized version of the 20DAM linear stepper motor. The 20DAM offers linear travel per step as small as 0.0254 mm which provides very accurate measurements. When it comes to laboratory equipment, precision is key. This product can also be customized with different coils for optimal performance at different drive voltages.

The customer was pleased to have a stronger, lightweight version of their product. The result exceeded their expectations and provided their customers with a more reliable laboratory device.

20DAM Linear Stepper Motor

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  • High, continuous linear force output for size
  • Cost effective compact design, lower integration cost
  • Adaptable multiple screw leads available for optimized resolution, force or speed