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Atherectomy Device

April 16, 2022 Brushless DC motors

Atherectomy devices assist surgeons in critical care of patients with arterial calcium build up. A motor powered, rotating device is guided through the artery and uses a combination of centrifugal force and sanding to remove the plaque buildup and prepare for stent insertion.

A large medical device manufacturer approached Portescap to design a drop-in substitution for a competitor motor that needed to operate efficiently, produce high speeds, generate minimal heat and be cost-effective. Reducing the handheld tool temperature was key in providing operator comfort.

The Portescap Quick Prototype Team collaborated with the customer to focus on form, fit and function. The Ultra™ 16ECS brushless DC motor was selected and the tool operated within the required temperature, speed and torque level specifications. With Portescap’s core competency of brushless motor design, the team identified the necessary motor characteristics and met the customer’s performance and value requirements.

16ECS52 Ultra EC Slotless Brushless DC Motor

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  • Brushless design for high speed
  • Cooler operation with Ultra EC coil
  • High torque density
  • Compact footprint