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Immunoassay Analyzer

April 22, 2022 Brush DC Motors

An Immunoassay analyzer is a device used to measure the presence or concentration of a macromolecule in a solution using an antibody or immunoglobulin. The macromolecule, often referred to as an analyte, is found in biological liquids such as serum or urine and is frequently measured using immunoassays for medical and research purposes. The analyzer uses a sampling arm to transport liquids from one section of the device to another.

A large medical instrumentation company looked to improve the performance of their diagnostic equipment. The motor solution challenge was to achieve quicker arm moves while maintaining or reducing the current motor footprint. The Portescap team quickly developed a brush DC motor solution with a custom integral gearbox to meet the customer requirements. The 30GT brush DC motor provides superior output power, higher speeds and higher torque, which facilitates the quicker diagnostic arm moves required by the customer without increasing the motor footprint.

R32 Custom Gearhead

30GT Brush DC Motor

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  • High reliability
  • Power dense design
  • Customized gearbox
  • Coreless construction
  • Optical encoder for high accuracy