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Land Survey Device

April 12, 2022

New industrial grade measuring devices allow a single person to perform all measuring applications with the push of a button, in lieu of traditional leveling tools. Motors rotate the laser elements that collect measurements for various construction activities, such as drywall installation, interior design and exterior leveling.

A leading construction tool provider approached Portescap to develop a value engineered solution that would replace the existing competitor motors. Portescap’s Quick Reaction Prototype Team collaborated with the customer to create a brush motor design with an integrated cable connector, pully and mounting plate as the best value option. The Athlonix™ 16DCP Series motor was chosen for its excellent speed and torque capabilities and its energy efficient design. The team was challenged to quickly deliver prototypes for qualification which were delivered within two weeks. Portescap focused on the customer’s overall needs and decreased the package costs by more than 10% of the existing competitor design.

16DCP Series

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  • High efficiency
  • Long life
  • High efficiency design
  • Easily customizable