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Seat Actuator

April 4, 2022 Brush DC Coreless Motor Brush DC Motors

Cabin seating in business and wide body commercial jets offers motorized seat adjustment options to improve passenger comfort. Experienced motor designers are familiar with the needs of aviation applications, including high quality, low weight and EMI filtering requirements to ensure seat actuation systems are reliable, lightweight and quiet, thus producing an optimal passenger experience.

A European avionics manufacturer recognized the Portescap portfolio of efficient and low noise brush DC motors as the ideal solution to improve their seat actuations. They selected a Portescap 25mm brush DC coreless motor for their new seat actuation design. The 25GT2R82 motor clearly met their stringent aviation requirements, was customized to support a wide temperature range to meet application specifications and was coupled with a power-off brake to lock its position whenever the power supply is off.

25GT2R82 Brush DC Coreless Motor

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  • Robust design for longer life
  • Low weight
  • Compact high-power design
  • Reliable, repeatable performance
  • Multiple customization options