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Semicon Wafer Chip Loader

April 14, 2022 Brush DC Coreless Motor Gearhead

Semiconductor wafer testing is an important step in the fabrication of various chips used in many commercial electronics applications. In the application, the wafer loader transports the wafer from a cassette to the inspection station where the wafer is carefully loaded, and then the loader device returns to collect the next wafer. A semiconductor machine manufacturer discovered that the motor driven loader system experienced output shaft breakage with the current motor solution.

Portescap engineers analyzed the current motor design, determined the root cause of the issue and then offered a more robust motor and gearbox to eliminate shaft breakage. The team proposed the Athlonix™ 16DCT brush DC motor paired with the R16 gearhead. The motor was subject to accelerated life tests to confirm the robustness of the application. With reduced body temperature and improved and consistent performance in the application, the 16mm Athlonix brush DC coreless motor and gearbox designs easily met the life testing requirements.

R16 Gearbox

16DCT Brush DC Motor

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  • Robust design for longer life
  • Compact high-power design
  • Reliable performance
  • Efficient operation, reduced heat