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Respiratory Therapy - Side Channel Blower

May 5, 2022 Medical

Respiratory therapy for sleep apnea and chronic bronchitis requires devices that are reliable, comfortable, quiet and produce the volume of air flow required for the patient. One such therapy is provided via a side channel blower which helps provide movement of air in medical ventilators.

A European medical device manufacturer, utilizing a unique process to deliver the best air flow, collaborated with Portescap to develop a reliable motor solution for a side channel blower. The blower would be used for both adults and younger patients with differing air flow requirements. Portescap engineers drew on their prior experience with medical applications, working closely with the customer to determine not only the right motor solution, but also to meet the UL/CE requirements. The brushless slotless UltraTM 22ECS motor met the application’s required operating speed of 40,000 rpm with ample margin and achieved the required flow rate. One important key to the success of this application was Portescap’s fast reaction time and ability to optimize the motor solution for the customer’s needs.

22ECS Series slotless

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  • High speed capability
  • Significant efficiency
  • Low noise
  • Reduced heat loss
  • Long life