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Surgical Microdebrider

May 5, 2022 brushless DC slotted SMS motor powered surgical tool

Powered handheld devices assist surgeons in various medical procedures and are critical in ensuring repeatable, reliable outcomes. The motors used in these tools must not only be compact and efficient, but also economical and able to operate at high speeds.

An Asian manufacturer challenged Portescap to deliver a cost-effective, high-speed motor to operate a nose microdebrider, which is a powered surgical tool that cuts and removes tissue or growth in the nostril. They desired a performance-driven motor that would turn the tool’s cutting blade more rapidly, leading to improved results.

Within a week of the customer’s request, the Portescap R&D team responded with the right solution that met all requirements. The B06 brushless DC slotted SMS motor is known for its longevity, high operating speed and strong price-to-performance economics. An added benefit of this motor is its weight optimization; being lighter makes the tool easier to use, which results in reduced surgeon hand fatigue. The customer was extremely pleased with Portescap’s abilities and industry experience to provide a competitively priced, high-quality solution.

B06 Brushless Slotted DC Motor

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  • High speeds up to 100,000 rpm
  • Diameters as small as 12.7 mm
  • High motion efficiency
  • High power/weight ratios
  • Long, reliable motor life
  • Withstands harsh environments