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Laser Focus Mechanism – Laser Cutting System

July 5, 2022 brushless DC motor Ultra EC

Laser cutting machines require precise laser control to achieve the desired cutting results. A critical part of the cutter is the laser focus mechanism located within the laser head. This axis focuses the laser to provide optimal and accurate cutting.

A fiber laser manufacturer specializing in industrial laser systems approached Portescap to develop a custom solution that would increase acceleration with high efficiency. The Portescap Quick Prototype Team identified a potential solution using an Ultra EC™ 16ECP slotless brushless DC motor. An integrated encoder was also required to ensure control of the closed-loop positioning system. Since the standard ribbon cable exiting the encoder would not withstand the frequent motion of the laser head, Portescap engineers improved the lead exit design with a more robust, discrete flexible wire. The customer stated that they are pleased with the customized solution and that it provides the positional control and robustness they needed for their application.

Ultra EC 16ECP slotless brushless DC

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  • High acceleration
  • Integrated encoder
  • High efficiency