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Battery Operated Chain Saw

August 17, 2022 Brush DC Motors
Battery Operated Chain Saw

Professional, portable power tools for specialized agricultural applications are designed to be lightweight, environmentally-friendly and operate efficiently. One example, a battery-powered chain saw, incorporates a surgical-grade pump to continually lubricate the rotating chain. The pump itself requires a high quality, strong performance motor to operate properly.

A large portable tool manufacturer engaged Portescap design engineers to focus on an efficient 48V DC motor solution that met the physical requirements of the pump design. The Portescap R&D team developed a custom coil winding to provide the efficient performance in a brush DC coreless design.

The efficient Athlonix™ 16DCT brush DC motor, with its high-power density and coreless motor design, increased usable operation time and extended battery life. Users found the lightweight and compact tool more comfortable to use, while its low-power consumption and improved efficiency reduced ownership costs.

16DCT Brush DC Motor

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  • Ironless construction
  • Neodymium magnet for high performance
  • Robust, lightweight design
  • Long brush life
  • Efficient, low power consumption
  • Optional gearheads