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Ultrasound Imaging Head

August 10, 2022 Brush DC Motors
Ultrasound Imaging Head

A designer and manufacturer of medical equipment approached Portescap to improve the operation of its ultrasound imaging head. The existing scan head movement was inconsistent, which impacted the accuracy of scan results. They were also concerned about possible motor contamination which could lead to motor failure. And they wanted to improve reliability and longevity of the imaging head.

The Portescap R&D team focused on these critical improvements:

  • Achieving low velocity ripple for smoother motion
  • Ensuring proper motor sealing and protection for improved reliability and increased lifespan

The Athlonix™ 16mm brush DC motor was chosen as the ideal fit to address these issues. Its smooth operation enabled the scan head to move with very low velocity ripple, which helped achieve a sharp image of the scanned area. A 9-segment commutator (versus the existing 7-segment commutator) also helped address smooth speed operation.

The other design challenge was to prevent potential contamination of the commutator surface grease from the glycol fluid inside the imaging head, as this interaction could cause the motor to fail prematurely. Redesigning the motor seals to prevent ingress of glycol was critical to protecting the motor’s commutator surface and maximizing its lifespan. The customer was pleased with the team’s ability to quickly put together a robust solution that addressed all of their needs for a long-lasting and reliable technology system.

Athlonix 16mm Brush DC Motor

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  • High efficiency
  • Smooth rotation
  • High power density
  • Easily customizable