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Torpedo Launcher

September 21, 2022 Brush DC Motors miniature motors

Torpedo launchers, as the name would suggest, are devices that fire torpedoes from marine vessels, including submarines. In torpedo launcher applications, the motor is used within the spindle control, a critical part of the depth-setting mechanism. Requirements for this application include protection against water and oil ingress, and international inspection designations.

A global provider of aerospace and defense solutions needed a highly customized motor for a projectile deployment system. Portescap was selected as the motion solution partner for this project based on its excellent reputation and expertise in the customization of miniature motor solutions.

Engineering, manufacturing, and design all worked together to bring this customer’s vision to life. After thoroughly reviewing the application requirements, the Portescap team recommended the 35NT brush DC motor with the R32 gearhead. This motor not only met the customer’s full motion needs, including low heat and high acceleration, but also secured the required inspection approval rating. Having easy access to Portescap’s design and development team was also seen by the customer as a great advantage.

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  • Neodymium magnet for high performance
  • Robust construction for harsh environment
  • High shock and vibration resistance
  • Compact design
  • High acceleration
  • Low self-heating