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Handheld Bladder Scanning Device

October 26, 2022 Disc Magnet Stepper Motors Gearhead

Bladder scanning devices use ultrasound waves to measure the volume of urine in the bladder. The small scanner rotates multiple transducers and collects data from the sound waves that bounce off the bladder, thus allowing it to calculate the urine amount. These devices are key in evaluating a patient for urinary retention, a medical emergency where the patient can no longer pass urine voluntarily.

A medical device manufacturer required a compact, efficient motor that would run a battery-powered handheld ultrasound device using available low-voltage and current. The company selected Portescap as the motion control supplier, given its expertise and history in manufacturing miniature motors for medical equipment.

The customer had originally considered a conventional can stack stepper motor for their device. However, collaboration with Portescap’s R&D team resulted in a different solution: a disc-magnet stepper motor with gearhead that was a better fit for the desired performance characteristics of the scanner.

The customer successfully applied the P110 disc magnet stepper motor with a B16 gearhead on several prototypes and moved quickly for FDA approval. The higher speed and torque capabilities of the motor allowed for a lower gear ratio that resulted in lower noise and smoother operation.

               B16 Gearhead

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  • Fast dynamic response
  • Low detent torque – smooth operation
  • Efficient design – low power consumption
  • Long life