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Surgical Hand Tool - Small Bone And Trauma

October 31, 2022 brushless DC slotted SMS motor

Handheld surgical tools for small bone and trauma surgery are powerful, efficient and lightweight modular instruments required to operate without excessive heat. Given the sensitive nature of surgeries, low noise and the ability to withstand a high number of autoclave cycles are also required.

A European medical device manufacturer of small bone power tools approached Portescap to develop a robust motor solution, capable of over 1,600 autoclave cycles, that provided high power in a compact package. Portescap drew from its vast experience with surgical hand tools to develop a solution using the B0912N1016 brushless DC slotted SMS motor. The slotted design provided the high peak torque capability required for the tool, while the sensorless configuration improved the motor’s capability to withstand the multiple sterilization cycles. Portescap engineers also modified the design to accommodate other special mechanical requirements in the application. The final solution outperformed the incumbent motor and provided a power-dense solution with high efficiency and low motor temperatures.

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  • Brushless slotted design
  • Autoclavable
  • Compact, efficient package
  • Sensorless operation