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Surgical Hand Tool – Small Bone Surgery

October 12, 2022 brushless DC slotted SMS motor

Surgical hand tools are essential devices that assist surgeons in various medical procedures and require motor solutions that are efficient and reliable. These modular hand tool systems utilize various attachments, including a drill, saw and pulsed lavage during operations.

A leading surgical tool company needed a reliable motor solution that could power a modular hand tool system used for small bone and trauma surgery; the motor would also act as a drop-in replacement for the existing competitor motor. Portescap worked through multiple iterations to fully satisfy all aspects of the customer’s design requirements. Engineers selected the size 9 gearmotor to develop the customizations required to fit within the existing tool design. With the use of the B0912N10 brushless DC slotted SMS motor, the modified hand tool version met the 100% form-fit-functionality requirement.

The Portescap motor also survived the autoclave life test, completing more than 1,100 autoclave cycles. Due to the efficient motor design, the modular tool system became quieter, lighter, and more reliable than with the incumbent motor design.

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  • BLDC slotted technology
  • High efficiency design
  • Cooler operation
  • High torque and speed capabilities
  • 1,000+ autoclave cycles