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Gas Diaphragm Pump

November 18, 2022 Brush DC Motors

A leading European pump manufacturer required a motor to power a revolutionary micropump for gas flow in medical apparatus, life science applications, and gas detection devices. These micro-pumps typically operate on battery power that necessitates a high-efficiency motor to maximize battery life.

Specific motor requirements included a compact and lightweight design, high efficiency, and band flexibility to accommodate a range of airflow and pressure requirements. During collaboration with the manufacturer, Portescap recommended a modified brush DC motor with various winding options to meet the desired voltage and air flow. The motor winding options optimized the speed/ torque performance so each pump configuration would meet the specific air flow required for the individual application and voltage input.

The Portescap Athlonix™ 12GS88 brush DC motor outperformed other competitor designs with longer life, improved efficiency, and higher power density solution. The pump manufacturer not only received a motor that met all desired qualifications but was able to broaden its catalog offerings to include multiple voltage options to serve broader market needs.

12GS88 Brush DC Motor

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  • Brushed DC motor
  • Maximized battery life
  • Energy efficient coreless design
  • Customized winding options
  • Lightweight