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Handheld X-ray Analyzer

December 29, 2022 Brush DC Motors

A leading manufacturer of application-specific x-ray analyzers required a motor with higher power density to improve the ergonomics of a new handheld x-ray product. The motor operates the shutter mechanism that regulates the x-ray beam to screen for RoHS 3 metals and heavy metals, and to quantify toxic elements.

Reduced unit size and weight were critical to improving the ergonomics that made work requirements more comfortable for the user. In addition, since the motor resides in a brass housing, a smaller and more efficient motor would reduce the brass and costs required for the motor mounting.

Portescap introduced a new motor design to meet the tough space and performance requirements. The Athlonix™ 10NS61 brush DC motor provided the high-power density required in a lightweight and compact package. The customer was pleased with the reduced weight, improved ergonomics and power of the design.

10NS61 Brush DC Motor

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  • Brushed DC motor
  • Energy efficient ironless construction
  • High energy neodymium magnets
  • Low motor heating