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LED Stage Lighting

December 15, 2022 Linear Actuator Stepper Motors

High-power LEDs are commonly used in theaters, television studios and many other venues that require variable lighting. A key element of stage lights is to make color adjustments and provide beam angle control. Three stages of filters produce all colors in the visible spectrum. Small linear actuators maneuver the filters in the correct sequence and position to achieve the desired results.

A global lighting manufacturer wanted to improve the capabilities of their innovative moving head LED stage lights. Portescap was tasked to provide a compact linear actuator with sufficient force to accommodate the filter adjustments. The R&D team developed a customized prototype motor with a 20mm actuator solution. The 20DAM-K linear actuator stepper motor provided 25% higher force at the desired speed over the competitor’s proposed design.

The Portescap solution delivered more force in a compact package, which improved the control of the filter elements needed for the stage lighting modules. The robust design resulted in zero product returns out of 100,000 actuators, demonstrating the reliability of the motor solution.

20DAM-K Linear Actuator Stepper Motor

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  • High continuous force
  • Low vibration design for better accuracy of lens movement
  • Low noise
  • Cost-effective, compact design
  • Captive and non-captive options
  • Long life