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Surgical Saw

December 8, 2022 brushless DC slotted SMS motor Medical

Handheld devices that assist in various medical procedures are a critical part of a surgeon’s toolbox. The precision motors used to power these tools must be compact, efficient, costeffective and reliable.

A US-based medical device manufacturer faced reliability issues with their supplier that provided motors for surgical tools used to cut and drill bones in preparation for implants. When searching for an alternative supplier, they looked for two critical requirements to be met: the capability to exchange worn motor bearings and a motor that can achieve thousands of autoclave cycles.

Portescap was chosen to supply the improved motors based on its extensive expertise in micro-technology, autoclavable solutions and ability to deliver the optimal solution through iterative prototyping capabilities. Portescap engineers chose the durable B1210N1021 brushless DC slotted SMS motor with removable rotors to facilitate bearing replacement. Throughout extensive qualification testing protocols, the motors achieved over 1,500 autoclave cycles. The resulting improved motor reliability also decreased service costs for the medical facility.

B1210N1021 BLDC Slotted Motor

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  • High reliability and efficiency
  • Excellent torque to power ratio
  • Withstands harsh environments
  • Customizable designs
  • Quiet operation, low vibration