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Missile Fin Control Actuation System (CAS)

June 8, 2023 Encoders brushless DC motor
Missile Fin Control

It is critical to accurately control the flight trajectory of a missile so that it reaches the intended target. Based on inputs from the guidance system, actuators precisely adjust the position of control surfaces (i.e. the fins and canards) to guide the missile’s flight trajectory. The motor driving the actuator must be both lightweight and rugged to tolerate the extreme environmental conditions that the missile encounters.

An international defense manufacturer engaged Portescap to provide an efficient, power-dense solution for the design of a missile fin control actuation system (CAS). Portescap’s extensive experience in the Aerospace and Defense industry, coupled with its ability to customize a COTS solution to facilitate a quick prototype, was a key driver in their selection.

The 30ECT brushless DC motor and M-Sense B encoder were integrated into the CAS design to both maintain the small envelope and increase the power output by 20%. The robust motor design met the shock and vibration demands of the application. Careful material selection allowed the motor components to tolerate the extreme temperature range and to extend the 20-year storage life requirement.

M-Sense B Encoder for 30ECT

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  • Low EMI/EMC
  • Integral feedback options
  • Power-dense design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Operating temperature -65°F to 190°F
  • Operation in high shock and vibration environments