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Nutrition (Enteral Feeding) Pump

October 25, 2023 Brush DC Coreless Motor can-stack stepper motors can stack motor Stepper Motors Nutrition Pump infusion pumps

Nutrition pumps, also referred to as enteral feeding pumps, deliver nutrients and hydration to patients who require tube feeding due to conditions that prevent normal food intake. The device is typically carried on the body and operates for hours each day, providing the needed nutrition to the patient at appropriate times. A robust motion solution is critical to the pump’s successful operation, as it lets patients engage in daily activities and receive the needed nutrients simultaneously. The motors must also provide the proper power output for continuous operation during the feeding cycle.

A medical device manufacturer developing a new nutrition pump approached Portescap to develop a cost-effective, reliable motion solution for the pump drive. The Portescap team selected the 35L048D, a 35mm can stack stepper motor, that delivered high continuous torque when coupled with a mating gearbox. The can stack motor’s electronic commutation satisfied the long life required of the pump, while the stepper technology ensured that drive torque was delivered every feeding cycle, with the patient receiving the designated nutrients.

The high output power of the geared 35L048, combined with its compact envelope, not only met the size and power requirements of the application, but allowed the overall pump size to be minimized. The manufacturer was pleased to bring to market a device that ensures proper nutrient delivery with the most freedom of movement, thereby bettering the patient’s quality of life.


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  • Open loop control
  • Easy digital control via a microprocessor
  • Cost-effective technology
  • Long life based on brushless design
  • Winding options tailored to drive inputs
  • Mechanical customizations – shaft, flange, bearings