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Portescap's Brushless Slotted DC Motor Testing Capabilities

September 20, 2016


Portescap’s miniature motors are often used by medical tool and device manufacturers and OEMs, in highly demanding end applications. An in-house testing process is sometimes required to further validate and confirm the design process. We’d like to give you a glimpse into Portescap’s motor testing capabilities for brushless slotted DC motors.

Consider a test apparatus to simulate the harsh environment in an arthoscopic shaver motor application. It consists of seven motors mounted in tubes of 0.9% saline solution, totally immersing the tool driver. They are driven with seven controllers with custom sensor circuitry and maintained by National Instruments hardware. This hardware is driven by a few test programs that run the motor and analyze parameters like speed, motor current and temperature. If any of these parameters fall outside allowed limits, the motor is halted for analysis. After running on the station the motors are then exposed to two cycles each of an autoclave and a caustic detergent dishwasher. They are then placed back on test and the process is repeated.

This test is a classic example of how customer feedback can help us design tests to constantly improve our motor in the field. Similar customized tests and loaded use cases are also possible for our motors across a diverse range of end applications. Some examples of applications we serve which could benefit from custom motor life testing include ENT shaver motors, orthopedic drill motors, and motors used in gastrointestinal staplers. Running such custom profiles for longer periods of time and interchanging high temperature, moisture and pressure, we can validate the motor when it is eventually used, for its robustness and durability, leading to enhanced client satisfaction!

Watch our video to see more about Portescap’s mini motor testing capabilities for brushless slotted DC motors: