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Spring into Motion with the New 30ECT BLDC Motor

May 25, 2018

Spring has officially – finally – arrived. Birds are hatching, flowers are blooming, and Portescap is engineering. (Ok, we’re always engineering...) We’ve just hatched the latest addition to our award-winning* Ultra EC product line: the 30ECT. This news is noteworthy because the 30ECT is the largest diameter motor available within this product line.

Available in two lengths (64mm and 90mm), the 30ECT is built to handle the extremely demanding and repetitive working cycles needed by many industrial and medical applications.

Nutrunners, electric grippers, exoskeleton, pruning shears, powered screwdrivers and other power hand tools are just a few of the applications where the 30ECT can improve performance.

Speak to one of our engineers to find out how Portescap can work with you to power the best possible version of your application.

*Winner of the 2016 Golden Mousetrap Award for Automation & Control - Motors and Mechanical Motion Devices