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Why Efficiency Is Important

July 17, 2018

Motor efficiency is the ratio between power output, which is mechanical, and power input, which is electrical.  Losses exist in all motors due to friction, heat, and materials, to name a few factors, so minimizing these losses is critical for applications that run off a battery.  The higher the efficiency of the motor, the longer the battery life during operation which results in longer time between charging.

For motor technologies, DC coreless and Brushless DC (BLDC) slotless designs are most effective in providing high efficiency.  The ironless structure of the DC motor eliminates the losses associated with an iron core while the slotless structure of the BLDC motor significantly reduces joule losses.  The low inertia of both technologies provides quick start/stop operation with low friction.

When reviewing motor technologies for battery powered applications that require high efficiency, the DC Coreless and BLDC slotless technologies are the best place to start.  Portescap provides both technologies to consider having launched multiple new products in both lines, providing many options to cover a broad array of applications.