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Learn More - Ultra EC Brushless DC Motors - Videos

January 14, 2019

Portescap invites you to learn about the Ultra EC Brushless DC motors, which contain three optimizations to meet all application requirements. These two videos from Design World cover the 16ECP, balanced performance between torque and speed, and the 22ECS, optimized for speed and responsiveness.

The first video is an overview of the 16ECP motors, detailing the motor's performance and potential applications (see below for further information).


The second video is a review from Design World, featuring Portescap's brushless slotless motor, 22ECS. This motor is specifically designed for speed and quick acceleration for dynamic applications.



The Ultra EC patented winding technology is detailed along with its impact on brushless motor torque capability. The particulars of the internal construction as showcased including the oversized bearings and embedded temperature sensor. Both models cover a wide range of applications, the 16ECP can be used:

  • Medical: Artery Disease Treatment Devices, Infusion Pumps, Bpap, and Respirator
  • Clinical Diagnostics: Medical Analyzers, Sample Preparation Workstations, and XYZ Axes Factory
  • Automation: Electric Grippers, Pick & Place Machines, and Screwdrivers
  • Aerospace: Window Shades and Actuators

The 22ECS covers the following application:

  • Medical: Respiratory, Ventilation Devices, and Dental Tools
  • Clinical Diagnostics: Diagnostic Analyzers and Miniature Pumps
  • Other: Pharmaceutical dispensing

Product specifications are shown including speed vs torque curves as well as electrical specifications, which are used to complete DC motor calculations to select the best winding for an application. With the three options available, the Ultra EC Brushless DC motors can meet most application requirements, whether demanding high brushless motor torque or speed or a balance of both.

So take a break, hit play and learn more about just some of our innovative motors. Remember, Portescap offers the complete spectrum of miniature motor technologies from brushless DC, brush DC and stepper motors. From standard motor products to highly customized motor systems, the Portescap team is dedicated to helping you select the optimum motion solution for your application. So for more information on these products and how Portescap can help you, please contact us!