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Selecting the Optimum Motion Technology for your Application Series: Speed

June 6, 2019

One of the first factors to consider in your new product development is the output speed requirement of the motion system.  How fast does the motor need to rotate to drive the mechanism in the application?  And are there various speeds that need to be accommodated?  There are some general guidelines that will help you narrow down the technologies to consider:

Brushless DC                    Ideal for applications requiring 10K RPM or greater

Brush DC                           Ideal for applications between 1K and 10K RPM

Stepper                             Ideal for applications less than 1K RPM

Based on their construction and electronic commutation, Brushless DC motors are most suited to run at higher speeds.  The challenge with Brush DC motors at high speeds is the commutation system, with brush wear increasing at these higher speeds and resulting in shorter life.  Steppers have a higher number of pole pairs so even though they are electronically commutated, they are not designed to run at high speeds.

There is cross-over among the speed ranges, the above are guidelines but methods exist to allow different technologies to be used in different speed ranges.  The Portescap team can review those with you to confirm the best technology or technologies for your application.