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Selecting the Optimum Motion Technology for your Application Series: Mechanical Envelope

August 21, 2019

The next factor for consideration is the mechanical envelope for the motion system.  What is the space in the product that is dedicated to the motion system?  Is there flexibility on the diameter or length?

The first action is to confirm that the motion solution can do the work required within the allotted space.  The working point (torque at speed) will be determined by the application requirements so a review of the power capability of the motion system should be completed prior to determining the mechanical envelope.  An application can typically be solved by multiple motion system options, across technologies but even within technologies.  It can be a challenge to identify the minimum space required due to multiple factors including voltage available, continuous current and temperature, to name a few.

The Portescap application engineers are best suited to collaborate with you to determine the best motion solution for your application.  We can review the drive parameters and evaluate multiple options that would be available to meet your needs.  Our goal is to provide the optimum solution in the smallest package to create the lightest and most compact product.  When you begin to identify your motion requirements, contact Portescap to discuss the available options.