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Experience How Portescap Surgical Motors Team Can Help You Find Solutions!

September 20, 2019

Our new Surgical Motor video highlights Portescap's innovative strengths and expertise in Surgical Motors Solutions. Press play and learn more about Portescap's mini motors technology, why you should work with us, and our approach to design and collaboration. The Surgical Motors Team also highlights our customization process and maps out our typical lead times. Call us today to experience how we can work with you hand-in-hand to find the optimal motor solution for your application!



Transcript of video: 

This brief video is meant to be give you an overview of Portescap’s surgical product line. In this season we are going to cover our industry leading technologies, our product portfolio, how we work with our customers to create novel and innovative solutions, and we will close with a case study that summarizes the successful development of a new motor design resulting from our application knowledge and focus on engineer to engineer collaboration.

Portescap standard Brushless DC surgical motors are designed to withstand over 1000 sterilization cycles providing relying motor solutions, increased life, and lower total cost of ownership. Custom designs can exceed 3,000 cycles. Our motors have been used in millions of surgeries worldwide, in every major surgical application. Our lean production capabilities enable us to supply a customer with anywhere from ten to tens of thousands of motors per year.

Over three decades we have developed expertise in motor development for each major surgical motor application. While vast majority of our business is high custom, we offer standard motor optimized for these applications to enable customer to start iterating quickly. These standard products would ship in two weeks and are a great way to kick start development. Please view our catalog or visit to learn more.

Portescap designs and manufactures a variety of high-quality motors to fulfill our customers demanding requirements. Our engineers will work with you to design a custom motor based on your specifications. As the leader in surgical motors, our engineers are the experts when it comes to creating a solution to meet your needs.

Portescap’s CNT1530 sterilizable motor controller is designed to drive battery powered surgical hand tools allowing for simplified system integration. The design utilizes Portescap’s validated autoclavable technology platform, electronic and software are encapsulated in a singular enclosure which can be located in line with our motor or in a grip of a hand tool.

Portescap has also designed and developed a sterilizable encoder platform to accompany our surgical motors. Encoders provide feedback for accurate control of speed and positioning, a must for some demanding applications such as robotic assisted surgical devices. We can customize this platform to meet your needs. Reach out today to learn more.

Lastly, we present a case study to demonstrate what is possible through collaborative engagement with Portescap. A surgical device OEM came to Portescap requesting a solution to increase the field life of their Arthroscopic Shaver Motor to at least twice what it historically achieved. Through field research, root cause analysis, and engineering collaboration, Portescap was able to identify the root cause of the field failures to produce a revolutionary motor design. The patent Portescap design shown over 8x increase in life testing while the motor interior is flooded with saline. Field failures and our customer’s total cost have been dramatically reduced.

To learn more about Portescap and what we can do for your business, please visit our website or call your regional representative. Thanks for your time!