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Meet The Family: Ultra EC Brushless Motors

January 10, 2020

Our new Ultra EC Brushless Motors video highlights Portescap's Ultra EC three families of motors along with their features and benefits. Watch our latest video to learn more about our Ultra EC Product line. 


One design does not fit all. Not when your application has specific performance requirements for high speed, high torque, or the need to balance both. And not when all that performance needs to fit in a small space or deliver ultra-performance at an optimized cost. That’s why Portescap created the Ultra EC platform of miniature brushless motors.

Ultra EC offers one design platform which provides several variants to match your application requirements. Leveraging the coil versatility, we can propose a unique and wide portfolio range split into 3 product families, each highlighting a major motion requirement.

  • Our ECS line focuses on Speed. These motors are designed for speed-driven applications.
  • Our ECT line focuses on Torque and these motors address the most torque demanding applications.
  • And finally, the ECP line which focuses on Price to Performance. These motors provide the right balance of speed and torque capability in a cost optimized motor, while leveraging the inner benefits of the proprietary Ultra EC coil design.

Portescap's Ultra ECS two-pole motors are tailored for high-speed, high-acceleration direct-drive applications. With a high-end magnetic circuit and minimal iron losses, these dynamic designs can reach amazing mechanical power output. With advanced vibration-damping and built-in temperature monitoring, ECS motors are designed for cool, virtually silent, and vibration-free operation.

Featuring a multi-polar design, Portescap's Ultra ECT motors approach the torque capabilities of much larger motors. Continuous torque can be up to two times higher than comparable brushless DC motors of the same size, covering the entire low-speed range typically used with gearheads. Even compared to similar multi-polar miniature motors, the ECT line delivers 20 to 150 percent more torque, with a lower speed drop under load. These cool-running motors feature built-in temperature monitoring and are compatible with gearboxes and encoders.

Portescap's Ultra ECP two-pole motors balance speed and torque capabilities, bringing premium performance to the most commonly specified brushless motor working points. These cost-optimized motors can provide 30 percent more continuous torque and 100 percent more power over similar competitive motors without compromising on the smooth operation and long life you expect from Portescap’s brushless slotless motors.  ECP motors are also compatible with gearboxes and encoders.

At Portescap, we're more than just motors. To learn more about what we can do for your business, please visit our website or call your regional representative. Thank you for your time!