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Ultra EC High Performance Motors For Battery-Operated Power Tools

February 3, 2020

Our Ultra EC motors have been designed to meet the needs of Industrial Power Tool, watch our new video to learn more!



Battery operated power tools require the very best technology to cope with the continuous challenges requested by the various industries and its users. 

Our Ultra EC motors have been designed to meet the needs of the Industrial Power Tool industry. Special attention has been given to thermal management: this is why an embedded temperature sensor is glued onto the coil head to monitor as accurately as possible the coil temperature rise. We can also upgrade the lamination stack to improve the iron losses during the rundown phase, which occurs at high speeds. The mechanical integration is essential for those hand tools: we offer a dedicated oversize shaft with specific features such as gear cut and shapes. Also, the front and rear flanges can be tailored to increase the mechanical compatibility or allow specific add-on devices such as encoders to be mounted. The cables are essential in electrical power transmission and are sized according to power requirements. Various connectors can also be installed to make your assembly lines more efficient.

Whatever your application challenge, Ultra EC motors provide numerous benefits including:

  • Faster rundown thanks to higher speed capabilities, helping your customer save time in the free-run phase to finish each operation faster and move on to the next. 
  • Higher peak torque capabilities increase your tool output range and make your tool much more energy-efficient, lasting longer than the competition. 
  • Portescap's smaller size and lighter weight motors allow for compact and ergonomic tools without sacrificing maximum power density. Workers also benefit from reduced operator fatigue by having tools they can use comfortably all day long.

And lastly, lower operating temperature helps increase productivity and reduce downtime while also saving energy.

Thanks to its versatility and expansive array of offerings, Ultra EC motors offer a wide range of speeds and impressive torque capabilities. Nevertheless, it's essential to highlight that these motors are used in a non-continuous way, and therefore, it will be necessary to use the peak capabilities during short periods of time to significantly increase the tool output. This is demonstrated by the peak torque values where a motor can deliver up to 10 times its maximum continuous torque, providing a choice of miniature motors to achieve up to 2.4 newton meters of torque and speeds up to 40,000 rpm.

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