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Fight COVID-19 Together

May 18, 2020

Portescap is working closely with our customers to continue to provide miniature motors and precision motion control solutions for medical devices and clinical diagnostics which are essential to the fight against Covid-19. Portescap has been a leading expert in miniature motors and precision motion control solutions for medical devices and clinical diagnostics for many decades and we’re proud to be able to play an important role during this crucial time.  Brushless DC motors and brush DC motors are vital for life-saving medical devices.   

Respiratory and Ventilation Devices:  A ventilator is a life supporting treatment, the machine that gets oxygen to the patient’s lungs and assist with the removal of carbon dioxide from the lungs. A tube is inserted into the windpipe through the mouth or nose. The air is then blown into the patient’s lung delivering a high level of oxygen. Portescap’s highly efficient slotless brushless DC ventilation motors have helped reduce the size of motor-blower assemblies while providing higher pressure and flow rates. Our medical motors can effectively and efficiently power ventilator blowers at night, during inter-hospital transport, in emergency vehicles or comfortably in a stationary hospital setting.

Infusion Systems: Infusion pumps are rarely discussed in the fight against Covid-19, but these silent helpers are invaluable. Many patients under ventilators require fluids and medications such as antibiotics, pain relivers, or/and nutrients. Infusion pumps administer critical medicine to patients in need. Portescap has been providing breakthrough motion solutions that have fueled Infusion System innovations for over 40 years. Portescap can reduce pump size with high power density motors down to 8 mm diameter, improve battery life with Coreless DC Brushed motors up to 90% efficient, and lower cost of care with price-to-performance optimized platforms and cost saving customizations. Our reliable and highly efficient motors can be found in:

  • Insulin Pumps
  • Ambulatory Infusion Pumps
  • Hospital Infusion Pumps
  • Auto-Injectors

Clinical Diagnostic Equipment:Laboratory testing applications are essential in the fight against an invisible enemy. Diagnostic machines accurately test for the presence of Covid-19 as well as anti-bodies through blood tests. Clinical diagnostics machines axes require multiple and different motion solutions to maximize system throughput. Portescap offers the required breadth of motor technology to optimize each axis and to meet your application needs. Our durable and high motor power density motors can be utilized in the following applications:

  • Medical Analyzers
  • Diagnostic Analyzers
  • Microscopes
  • Pipettes
  • Point of Care Diagnostic Devices

The Portescap team is hard at work building motors that power ventilators, infusion pumps, clinical diagnostic equipment and many other medical devices used in the fight against Covid-19. Our team of engineers are no strangers to working closely with device manufacturers to create customized motion solutions that save lives. We are working closely with device manufacturers to reduce the stress on the medical community created by the sudden surge in demand and shortage in supply. As a leader of medical motors, we are committed to our customers, employees, and patients during these unprecedented times.  We are in this together, and together we will triumph.