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Seeing beyond what's in the catalogue

November 16, 2020

Seeing beyond what's in the catalogue: Why it's important to get in touch with Portescap

Finding the right motor can be a challenge. Often a product catalog only lists a selection of available motors and coils, so the ideal solution can't be found by browsing through available standard options. Some motor manufacturers offer customizations, which require time and money to be invested and might not always be an option depending on the size of the project.

Design engineers in search of the ideal motor solution might therefore hesitate to inquire about potential customization, e.g. a non-catalogue coil. At Portescap, we are continuously taking into account the voice of our customer and searching for new innovations to help optimize your solutions. Luckily at least we from Portescap can help make your life a bit easier, thanks to our Ultra EC product line of BLDC motors.

Imagine yourself requiring an efficient BLDC motor solution with the following characteristics:

  • Slotless design
  • 22mm diameter, max. 50mm length
  • Continuous operation at 16 mNm, close to 58'000 rpm at 18 V

A quick glance at the product catalog reveals that the 22ECS45 could be a perfect fit. However, to match the no-load speed requirement of approximately 58'000 rpm at 18 V, the coils available in the catalog are not quite fast enough.

One might think in this case it's necessary to design and validate a completely new coil. However that's exactly where the flexibility of our proprietary Ultra EC coil design comes into play.

Compared to other coil designs, the straight design of the Ultra EC coil is more flexible in terms of length. Therefore, in this example we could consider the 22ECS60 catalog coil "16" and adapt it to the length of the 22ECS45. The resulting coil would provide just about the required 58'000 rpm at 18 V - without having to design an entirely new coil.

The proprietary U-shaped ULTRA EC coil design

In conclusion, this example helps demonstrate how important it is to get in touch with Portescap to discuss your motor requirements with our engineers. Only then we can do what we are best at - identify and propose the best motor solution for you, collaborate to help make your project successful and save you time.