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Brush DC and Stepper Technologies for Security and Locking Devices

December 18, 2020

Brush DC and Stepper Technologies for Security and Locking Devices

Security systems are an important part of any commercial buildings whether it's an office or a warehouse. Biometrics is one of the most deployed systems in a wide variety of industries, from government institutions to industrial buildings. A motor plays a vital part in the design of security locks. Portescap offers the best viable solution for these applications with its various technologies.

We design our motors in a way to showcase the versatility of the products. For instance, with a security lock application, Portescap can offer multiple motor technologies that can fit the application requirements. Our motors play an important role with size constraints since they can fit well with the given space to give the desired results. 

Depending on your application, the OEMs will offer these two potential solutions: 

  • Brush DC Motor: These motors are designed with a coreless rotor design. Portescap brushed DC motors have very low inductance and inertia. With this design, motors can be used in applications where dynamic behavior and fast response are required. Their high speed at low voltage quality helps the application with better performance. For locking devices, 8mm to 16mm are ideal diameters which can be easily fit in a small envelope. We can offer it with both sleeve and ball bearing options. 


    Portescap Athlonix series, Brush DC Motor


  • Stepper Motors: Portescap has three different technologies of stepper motor which includes a rotary can stack stepper motor, a fast-spinning disc magnet stepper motor, and a linear motion actuator. Each technology has its versatile benefits, which can help a device perform smoothly. Stepper motors are usually a cost-effective cheaper option compared to standard brush DC motors. Stepper motors provide positional accuracy based on their mechanical construction. For sensitive applications, like locking device, the operations of the components inside these devices must be accurate. The low-cost benefit and accuracy of our motors can offer a great solution to multiple applications. For locking devices, this can offer a robust solution with various customization per the design. 

Can Stack Stepper    Disc Magnet Motor     Digital Linear Actuator

Several other factors come into consideration when selecting a technology. Portescap motors offer customization depending on your design and operation requirements.

Contact us to discuss the options for your application.