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Why Portescap's Online Motor Selector is Critical to the Earliest Phases of Project Development

November 27, 2023

Originally launched in 2021, MotionCompass™ is a virtual environment that continues to streamline the way users configure specific motion needs, compare performance metrics, and ultimately select an optimal mini motor solution. The intelligence behind this tool lies in its algorithm, which is a product of years of experience and application expertise.

How Does MotionCompass Work?

Using MotionCompass is simple:

  1. Add your critical operating points of speed and torque (required)
  2. Add additional requirements like diameter, efficiency, current requirements, gearbox options, and feedback mechanism (not required)
  3. Assign weights to the above parameters (not required)
  4. Click “Show Results”

The tool will then dynamically generate precise motor recommendations for both brushless and brush DC motors that aligns perfectly with the application's requirements. Users can compare the recommended motor’s performance metrics like speed, efficiency, power, and current, but also assign weights to these parameters. This refined selection process allows users to engage in detailed product configuration sessions, exploring multiple motion control possibilities within an intuitive and dynamic virtual environment. Keep in mind that the list of recommended motors can be displayed in ascending or descending order by speed, efficiency, power or current, and users can immediately see the price and lead time for delivery for motors available to purchase.

Why Use the MotionCompass Motor Selector?

Empowering users with real-time product recommendations based on their inputs, MotionCompass™ facilitates the evaluation of numerous options, eliminating the need for sample testing in live applications. What previously required hours of catalog browsing has been condensed into minutes spent online, offering a depth of data previously inaccessible in a virtual setting. This efficiency drives faster decision-making processes, allowing users to evaluate their motor recommendations within a few weeks of starting the process. Other benefits include:

  • Multitude of motion solution options grouped by technology
  • Ability to iterate product design and determine necessary changes to motion solution
  • “Available for Purchase Now” option directly links you to where the motor can be ordered on the Portescap E-Store
  • Pricing details and lead time available at your fingertips, streamlining the purchasing process
  • Facilitates quicker time to market for the end product

The power of product configuration and selection is in your hands - let MotionCompass help you find the perfect motor for your application!