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U-Coil Technology

March 23, 2021

Portescap Ultra EC U-Coil is The Key to Performance

Portescap's proprietary U-Coil technology is a new design that is key to outstanding performance with our brushless, slotless miniature motors.

Watch this video to learn more about its design and benefits

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The core of the Ultra EC family platform, Portescap's proprietary U-Coil technology is a new design that is the key to the outstanding performances of these brushless slotless miniature motors. The Ultra EC U-Coil uses straight copper turns to maximize the effectiveness of the magnetic field with coil heads perfectly integrated into the compact motor design. With minimal joule and iron losses, maximum power is available to achieve the specific performance characteristics you're looking for in the frame size you need. Of course minimal losses means greater efficiency and cooler operation. 

Let's look more closely at how this is accomplished. The technical breakthrough of the Ultra EC U-Coil is directly based on its physical benefits. Compared to an original skewed coil, the straight turns allow more torque generation per loop and avoid the wasted radial consequence of the classic coil design. The unique design of the Ultra-EC coil offers more versatility and flexibility in length extension. Similar lengths in a skewed coil require a complete redesign of the coil including a feasibility assessment.

This design offers performance benefits as well.  These benefits are easily observed in two ways. For the same mechanical power delivered the Ultra-EC motor will dissipate less, meaning the motor will operate cooler for a similar workload. Secondly for the same package, the mechanical output power will be significantly increased up to 100%, meaning that the motor will produce more for the same losses. Additionally, for the same package size and mechanical output these motors require less energy which increases battery life. 

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