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Portescap Design Partnership Among Multiple Stakeholders

April 22, 2021

Portescap Design Partnership Among Multiple Stakeholders

Medical device development normally involves the coordination of many stakeholders. Original equipment or device manufacturers (OEMs or ODMs) are increasingly utilizing design and manufacturing partners to develop and launch their products. Additionally, start-up companies typically work with investors and incubators to support their nascent businesses. All of these stakeholders add value to the development process, but they also bring unique needs and goals for the project that an OEM or ODM must accommodate.

Furthermore, a complex medical device can consist of dozens of components provided by at least several independent suppliers. These supply partners are also key stakeholders in the development process but are often left out of the conversation. This is especially true at the early stages of concept development before specifications are ready to submit to them for quoting, yet this is precisely when the supplier’s needs for success on the project should be considered.

Successful medical device launch depends on all stakeholders, including suppliers, working together toward a common goal. In order to accomplish this, OEMs and ODMs should attempt to eliminate barriers to communication between suppliers and the other stakeholders. This includes financial, design, and manufacturing partners, as well as internal departments that don’t typically engage with suppliers themselves, and finally other suppliers providing components that must be compatible to optimize the system-level result.

Portescap is a motion solutions provider that is well-versed in coordinating with the various stakeholders in a medical device development project. We are comfortable operating within the complexity of this multi-stakeholder environment and are willing to dedicate the resources necessary to close the loop and prevent the OEM or ODM from micromanaging the entire development process.