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Portescap Motor Technology in Healthcare Simulators

June 15, 2021

Healthcare simulators are sophisticated training tools for medical professionals that resemble actual patients exhibiting various medical conditions.

Designers of these training simulators are replicating these conditions by adding motion control into their training mannequins. Portescap motor technologies are now exploring these possibilities into these unique applications.

Portescap motors are quiet and if a gearhead is added for additional torque or speed reduction, there are numerous ways to reduce the audible noise and vibration created by the gearing. Complete details of the applications are an extremely helpful step in understanding what is important and what can be considered a lower priority when deciding what technology is best suited for the application.

Starting details should always begin by providing the actual working point, which in motor terminology means what is the speed and torque required.

In the case of an actuator, it means speed and force. It is very helpful to understand the duty cycle as this relates to the amount of time the motor needs to provide the performance and the time of rest needed before repeating.

Our experience in this field is discovering that stepper motor technology is the preference for these applications. Portescap offers three types of stepper technology that can be utilized in your design. Our stepper motor technology focuses on simplicity. Where reasonable accuracy and moderate torque are required, this permanent magnet steppemotor uses the simplest of techniques and designs to create an effective solution for many applications. Our precision stepper motor technology ranges from 15 mm diameter up to 60 mm diameter. They are available in 7.5-degree step angles thru 18-degree step angles. Both unipolar and bipolar versions are offered.

Portescap's stepper motor linear actuator creates translational motion with the simple operation of a stepper motor resulting in a cost-effective and reliable motion solution. Portescap offers both captive and non-captive designs. The captive will provide linear motion whereas the non-captive produces rotational motion. Stroke lengths of 15 mm up to 76 mm are available. Energized holding forces of 30N thru 112 N can be provided.

Our Disc Magnet Motors are an exciting innovation by Portescap where we take the simplicity of driving a stepper motor to provide higher acceleration than conventional steppers. These stepper motors are ideal in applications that require fast incremental motion. They are available from 10 mm diameter thru 74 mm. Gearing and encoders can be added to certain models.

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