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Podiatry Done Right: Ironless Brushless DC Motors for Foot Care Devices

July 1, 2021

Podiatry Done Right: Ironless Brushless DC Motors for Foot Care Devices

With summertime just around the corner and podiatry studios slowly reopening after the COVID-19 shutdown, taking good care of one's feet is becoming more relevant than ever. To be able to offer a professional treatment a podologist depends on a reliable and well-performing podiatry device. The motor situated in the handpiece of such a device is a critical component, which will strongly influence whether the device simply performs its job or if the same task can be achieved with outstanding user-friendliness and customer satisfaction.

Depending on the cutter type and size used, the motor is required to operate at either low speed and high torque or vice-versa. To avoid symptoms of fatigue even after several procedures over a full day, a slim and light-weight design in combination with minimal heating of the handpiece is key.

User factor Requirement for the motor
Constant speed regardless of the cutter size used High power density, low R/k2
Ergonomic design Small package, low weight
Safe operation High efficiency for reduced heating

Table1: User factors of a podiatry device

Within its Ultra EC Brushless DC motor product family, Portescap is able to provide a powerful and compact motion solution for podiatry applications.  The 16mm diameter 2-pole BLDC motor, available in either 36mm or 52mm lengths, would be a perfect fit.  Its proprietary U-shaped coil allows designers to maximize the generation of useful torque, resulting in a more efficient motor with exceptional torque capability. This motor is also available in a price-to-performance version, the 16ECP, as well as an ultra high-speed version, the 16ECS.