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Running DMM Motors in BLDC Mode

August 12, 2021

Did you know: Stepper Disc Magnet Motor Technology Provides Multiple Modes of Operation

Designed and developed in Switzerland, Portescap's Disc Magnet Stepper Motor provide versatility unequaled by any other kind of permanent magnet stepper motor. 

The Rotor - consisting of a thin disc magnet, versus a heavier cylinder magnet used in other products, enables finer step resolutions in a given envelope. And thanks to a shorter magnet circuit, these stepper motors are ideal to use in applications that require fast incremental motion. Working with a smaller envelope? Portescap's Disc Magnet motors offer a high number of steps in a small diameter which makes it the perfect solution for applications requiring precision positioning in a limited amount of space. 

But did you know, Disc Magnet motors can also be used in applications that usually use brushless DC Motors? By adding a sensor for closed loop feedback, one can achieve a competitive advantage against a traditional servo solution. This closed-loop solution makes full use of a stepper's torque capabilities while eliminating any resonance or instability issues, resulting in a much more efficient application. 

Watch this video to learn more how these unique miniature stepper motors can help you optimize your application. Whether you have a small or large application, these motors offer everyone the advantage of dynamic acceleration.

Ready to learn more and speak with an engineer? Our design and application engineers are available for in-depth consultations as early as the ideation stage when they can deliver the most value for a successful final design. At Portescap, we’re more than just motors.