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Improve Your Solar Panel Cleaning Robot TCO with DC Coreless Motors & Gearheads

September 17, 2021

 DC Coreless Motors Reduce TCO and Weight of Solar Panel Cleaning Robots

Solar panels are growing in popularity as effective choices for large solar farms generating renewable energy. They do require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure efficient use and long life. Currently solar power cleaning units (SPCRs) use large, heavy DC motors that weigh upwards of 1kg+ that make these robots cumbersome, inefficient and difficult to maintain.Portescap's DC coreless motors are lightweight, energy efficient, long lasting and maintenance free. They provide high torque output with precision positioning, enabling the SPCRs to clean the panels efficiently without the need for downtime. Higher efficiency keeps the motor temperature low, especially in high temperatures, and the special carbon brush commutation and reduced electro erosion coils allow for longer working life. With smart technology from Portescap, the TCO can be reduced, as well as the overall weight and size of your SPCR design. Learn More about motors recommended for SPCR's.