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New Engineering Lab at Portescap Now Open

October 24, 2021

After a year in the making, Portescap is pleased to announce the opening of our newest Engineering Lab in our Mumbai, India office. Our team worked very diligently over the past year, including planning, shifting of existing equipment, procurement of new equipment and installation. Our new lab will provide our engineers with improved tools and procedures, including enhanced Analysis & Reliability test capabilities.

With this new lab, comes increased space that can be useful to enhance test capabilities and also experiment with new concepts and develop quick proof of concept (POC) motors. These POC motors will be further developed into prototypes, as well as new and innovative products. These new developments will help our customers in solving critical    motion solution challenges that can save, enhance and improve lives. In terms of reliability testing, our simulation software and ALT capabilities allow us to support quick product validation, which in turn will help our customers to accelerate their product development and reduce product launch time. Different duty cycles and direction of rotation with variable load can be applied to the product for testing.

Our engineering lab also has 3D printing and machining capability by which we can support POC and rapid prototyping. We have an entire range of capabilities backed by electronics and driver systems to replicate most of the application testing cycle, be it Medical Infusion Systems or Industrial Power Tools or any other critical application. Our new lab also features capabilities such as NVH chamber with advanced equipment and software for noise & vibration analysis.

We also have an environment chamber to test the product at different temperatures and humidity conditions. Different cycles can be programmed as per customer requirements. We are also equipped with autoclave tester which is used to test the product for different sterilization applications e.g. surgical hand tools. The product can be tested for different different test programs and number of cycles.

An acoustic insulated area is dedicated for life testing within lab which avoids the noise disturbance in lab working area. New equipment was also added to enhance test & analysis capabilities.

With this investment in infrastructure and capability, the Portescap team is well equipped to support our existing and new customers and provide added value in their product development cycle. To learn more about the new capabilities, contact us.