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Voice of the Customer Program Announces New Innovative Motion Products Sparked by Customer Insights

January 17, 2022

The Portescap Voice of the Customer program harnesses our customers’ technical insights and turns them into innovative motion products that solve complex problems for critical applications. Customer collaborations have sparked many new Portescap product technologies, and all of them are 100 percent customizable. We are pleased to announce these innovative new products inspired by customer feedback:

Quick Response Digital Linear Actuators. These actuators incorporate our low inertia Disc Magnet motor technology to enable quick linear acceleration and deceleration within the same low-profile package, saving process time.

SMART Motors. An extra terminal between the power source and the brushed motor sends electrical signals to the cloud so users can monitor motor wear and battery life, and receive warnings via software or a smartphone app.
High Speed Coreless Brush DC Motors. These coreless motors surpass 10,000 rpm and can even reach 40,000 rpm for several minutes. Thanks to modifications to the brush material and ball bearings, this is the first time we’re offering such high speed in brush DC motors with small cycle time.
Dual Motion Can Stack Actuators. These innovative actuators provide linear and rotary motion simultaneously by stacking two permanent stepper motors into one lightweight, compact package.

The Voice of the Customer process strives to identify the technological possibilities in the next three to five years that will drive our motor innovations, solve customer problems and influence their product development.

For more information, visit Portescap’s latest motion innovations website page.