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The Importance of Safety and Quality When Selecting a Motion Supplier

March 24, 2022

Selecting a miniature motor provider for your device or application isn’t a simple task. Whether it’s ensuring that the potential supplier has an extensive product and technology portfolio, investigating the availability of Engineer-to-Engineer collaboration, or evaluating their reputation and global presence, there are many items to assess before making the final decision. Another factor paramount to the decision-making process is the supplier’s focus on safety and quality regarding their products, employees, and business approaches.

Safety and Quality Considerations for Vetting Motion Suppliers

Here are five key factors to take into consideration when vetting motion suppliers:

Audits and Compliance. Regular, comprehensive audits are key to verifying product and process quality/integrity, so check to verify that the potential motion supplier is adhering to a set schedule of reviews and evaluations.
Continued Emphasis on Employee Training. Ensuring that employees across the organization (office, remote, or manufacturing floor) are properly trained in applicable environmental, health, and safety laws and regulations is crucial. Access to continuing education and training opportunities should also be provided, as should access to appropriate safety and emergency equipment.
Facility Accreditations. Look at the company’s accreditations regarding safety and quality in their facilities (especially manufacturing facilities), operations, and communities in which they operate. These should illustrate a commitment to high-quality standards, employee well-being, and regard for environmental friendliness that are described above.
Third Party Accountability. Safety and quality don’t only pertain to company employees; they also relate to any party working with or for the company. Whether a supplier, vendor, consultant, or contractor, all parties associated with the motion provider need to demonstrate a similar level of commitment to these policies.

Safety and Quality at Portescap

Quality and safety are tenets that drive all production and business processes at Portescap. From our commitment to employee safety to managing the business in an environmentally sensitive and responsible manner, we take pride in providing high-quality motion solutions that deliver reliable high performance in some of the world’s most critical applications. We continue to demonstrate this by our emphasis on new tools and skill development in quality-related areas. Employees from all areas of the organization receive problem-solving training to improve their skills in the identification and elimination of root causes. Tools and techniques related to reliability are used with a focus on improving quality systems, reducing variability, and building quality into all aspects of the business.


Celebration of National Safety Day at Portescap India - March 4th, 2022

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