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Dedicated Brushless DC Geared Motor for Pruning Shears Applications

April 14, 2022

Dedicated Brushless DC Geared Motor for Pruning Shears Applications

Pruning is the most manual and time-consuming job in the viticulture and horticulture industries. When operator fatigue impacts productivity, efficient power hand tools are the solution to save time and ensure productivity levels are maintained. When compared to manual pruning tools, light and powerful motorized pruning shears help to reduce fatigue and repetitive motion injuries in many contexts such as viticulture, orchard and tree pruning, arboriculture and tree maintenance. 

Portescap has developed a dedicated gear-motor for pruning shear applications. The 22mm 4-pole Ultra EC brushless motor, in the longest version of 82mm, has the highest torque density required, while still being small and lightweight.

The dedicated bearing assembly and the high standards rotor balancing allow class-leading speed capabilities, offering high cadence to increase productivity. The embedded temperature sensor enables an increase in the cutting force and speed while maintaining an acceptable user hand temperature, allowing the operator to complete a full working day.

Sustaining the high input speed provided by brushless motors is a challenge for typical gearboxes, which is a key reason behind Portescap's development of a dedicated reinforced R32 gearbox to utilize the benefit of that high input speed capability. A high reduction ratio converts that speed into a high peak torque capability while staying with a low number of reduction stages to provide high efficiency to maximize the power output.



  • High gear ratio combined with motor high-speed capability offers unmet peak speed/peak torque ratio
  • BLDC Slotless technology provides long-lasting and reliable operation
  • Ultra ECT motors provide high torque density which enables smaller and lighter tools
  • High efficiency increases battery life and number of cycles
  • 2-stage gearbox provides high efficiency
  • High speed reduces cycle time
  • Robust motor to sustain shock and vibration
  • Temperature probe for optimized thermal management

Reach out directly to a Portescap engineer today to discuss these motor assets and their connection with your product performance.