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Introducing Portescap's Latest 20mm and 32mm Flat Brushless Slotted Motors

April 7, 2022

Innovation is always in motion at Portescap, and the latest additions to the brushless slotted motors lineup illustrate just that. Introducing the 20mm and 32mm BLDC motors with outer rotor slotted technology, which continue to address a key customer requirement for miniature motors that are performance-driven but that simultaneously excel in environments with constrained space. Let’s explore these newest innovations:

20mm Flat Brushless Slotted Motor. Compared to standard compact motors, the 20mm brushless flat motor (which uses an outer rotor configuration) has an improved motor regulation factor (e.g. power) due to its optimized electromagnetic circuit. The focus on high performance in a reduced footprint is exemplified by the motor’s smooth output torque, high-power density, and stellar speed stability. And at only 13 gms, the weight optimization of the 20mm brushless flat motor also helps ensure that this motor will excel in small spaces.

32mm Flat Brushless Slotted Motor. The 32mm brushless flat motor also employs an outer rotor configuration, but instead uses an air gap between the coil and magnetic structure being managed radially. The motor displays improved efficiency and lower heating thanks to the optimization of the ratio between joule and iron losses, and the speed stability, smooth output torque, and high-power density of the 20mm motor are also displayed by the 32mm BLDC motor.

Though a wide range of processes in the medical and industrial markets can easily utilize the 20mm and 32mm motors, surgical robotics, laboratory equipment, electric grippers, LIDAR, and medical and industrial pumps are critical applications that may benefit the most from the performance and efficiency of these motors.

We take pride in continuing to develop mini motors that not only exhibit this desired compact footprint for customers’ critical applications, but that also deliver on powerful, efficient performance. Whether you’re working on the newest iteration of your device or focused on taking your application to the next level, reach out to Portescap to discuss the latest in our motion innovations or to collaborate on a customized motor solution.