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Miniature Motors Power Ivenix's Large Volume Infusion Pump

April 14, 2022

Miniature Motors Power Ivenix's Large Volume Infusion Pump

Ivenix, Inc., a medical technology company dedicated to eliminating infusion-related patient harm, realized the smart infusion pumps used in hospitals today are antiquated and unreliable. The company took a fresh look at the approach and dug into the complex engineering challenges of the market, ultimately resulting in the creation of a game-changing product.

Infusion-related adverse drug effects cost the United States alone over $2 billion annually, and with 90% of patients receiving IV-therapy during their hospital stays, Ivenix recognized there was significant potential for improved care and reduced costs.

The product requirements of the Ivenix pump were high, which resulted in similarly high requirements on the components within the system. Their team was looking for a manufacturer with a broad product offering of extremely reliable, high-performance motors. They quickly chose Portescap as a partner because of the portfolio of products, including can-stack stepper motors as well as high-tech brushless DC motors, both of which were ideal for this project.

Portescap established that there were three motors used in the LVP for which Portescap could provide the optimal solutions: two that drove actuator mechanisms, and one that drove an air compressor. Portescap tailored their standard offerings to optimize performance in the Ivenix system. For the first actuator, Portescap provided an integrated gearbox on a can-stack stepper motor to reduce the overall footprint without sacrificing performance. For the other actuator, Portescap optimized a motor configuration for improved performance and reliability including an adjusted coil and ball bearings. For the compressor motor, Portescap switched the DC coreless motor to a brushless DC motor, with integrated electronics at the rear and reduced length to fit the available space.

Portescap’s mission is to provide complete and customized solutions to their customers to save, improve, and enhance lives.

“Portescap engaged directly with our engineers to understand the known and unmet needs of each axis, continuously update and share project schedules, and openly address and overcome all challenges,” Robert Canfield, Director of Marketing at Ivenix Inc. said. “By working together to provide the optimum solutions, Portescap played a key role in the development of components central to the Ivenix Infusion System.”

The project team’s collaborative and full-service approach helped Portescap proactively rise to the challenge and fulfill the requirements to the complete customer satisfaction. Ivenix continues to be a satisfied customer leveraging Portescap motors as they aim to eliminate infusion-related patient harm. 

Explore Portescap's portfolio of miniature motors for medical infusion systems here.