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Sustainability in Motion at Portescap

April 21, 2022

If positive, longstanding environmental and social changes are to be realized, the concept of sustainability can’t merely exist as a corporate buzzword. Instead, it must be a corporate movement, with all internal stakeholders aligned behind the goals of driving sustainability and continuous improvement across every sector of the business. Portescap, as an operating company underneath Altra Industrial Motion, is fully embracing this idea with Altra’s four newly adopted Sustainability Pillars:

  1. Designing Solutions Through Innovation. We are working to continuously innovate and develop sustainable solutions that improve performance, safety, and efficiency. This translates into ideating and developing miniature motion technologies that reduce the footprint, improve the efficiency, and enhance the reliability of the world’s most critical devices and applications. Simply put, at Portescap we focus on creating mini motors that save, improve, and enhance lives! These innovations are driven by our Engineer-to-Engineer collaboration model and are informed through our Voice of the Customer program.
  2.  Protecting the Environment. We aim to reduce our environmental impact through innovative solutions and efficient operations. From Portescap’s global manufacturing footprint that ensures cost-effectiveness, continuity, and timeliness of supply chains to our production of motor technologies that greatly improve the efficiency of performance-critical applications, we remain focused on environmental improvement. We also apply to Altra Business System, or ABS, to systematically eliminate waste and reduce the environmental impact of our facilities.
  3. Reaching Our Full Potential Through Teamwork. Teamwork truly makes the dream work! As aligned teams, we prioritize diversity, safety, and making a positive impact in the communities we serve to deliver long-term value to all stakeholders. We’re passionate about recruiting, developing, and retaining the best talent available – people who use creativity and ingenuity to develop innovative ways to meet and exceed customer requirements. We’re equally as dedicated to giving back. For example, our annual Day of Caring provides a chance for each of Portescap’s global teams to collaborate with their communities, including volunteering with libraries, animal shelters, and non-profits.Portescap India’s charitable donations and academic projects also demonstrate this. Our collaboration with the 17000 ft. Foundation in Ladakh enhanced the quality of education in remote schools in rural communities through the donation of tablets, training, administration and support, and the implementation of DigiLab Programs, which provides rural communities with access to digital learning opportunities. Our CSR partnership with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras provided funding for AREBO (Arm Rehabilitation Robot), a robot that assists individuals with arm impairments resulting from conditions like arthritis, stroke, and Parkinson's. We also contributed our technological expertise to the development of an affordable multi-fingered prosthetic hand in connection with IIT Kanpur and Life & Limb.
  4. Operating with Integrity. We are unwavering in our pursuit to maintain the trust of all our stakeholders by operating our business ethically and honestly. This includes following a strict Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, following a due diligence process in sourcing materials, and leveraging a comprehensive security risk management program, among others.

Driving Towards a Greener Tomorrow

Sustainability can't operate in a silo; instead, it must encompass all aspects of a business system. This 21st century shift towards “greener” operations is multi-faceted, as many of the same practices that help preserve the planet can simultaneously assist in improving the bottom line and promoting employee diversity, health, and safety. Simply put, companies can no longer simply be a supplier; our core values and actions matter, and it is our responsibility to both people and planet to play our part in ensuring we create a better world.

Learn more about Sustainability in Motion, Altra Industrial Motion’s ESG program, here.